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Postage Costs

How much does it cost to post my items to me? If I live outside Australia, can I still place an order?

Can you REALLY fold a Fitted Sheet?

This is a joke, right? Don't you just roll them into a ball and shove them under all the other sheets?

Nope! No Joke! You really can fold a fitted sheet. Find out how to fold a fitted sheet, the easy way.

Tell me about your sheets.

Should I buy 50/50 Poly Cotton or 100% Cotton? What is the difference between Hotel sheets, and the sheets I can buy in stores?

Thread Count and what does it all mean anyway?

10000000 thread count has to be better than 500 thread count doesn't it? What does thread count even mean? I just want great quality sheets that will last and last.

What's with all the white?

I LOVE colour! I need colour in my life! Why is everything on this website White?

Australian Bed Sizes

Will your sheets fit my bed?

I have a dishwasher, do I really need Tea Towels?

And they say that there is no such thing as stupid questions...

Are your towels as scratchy as sandpaper?

There really is a way to soften your towels without using litres of fabric softener, and none of it involves vinegar.

Who are you and how did you get here?

I'm just like you. I was sick and tired of buying sheets that didn't last. I love a good holiday as much as the next person. I love staying hotels, there is just something about their sheets, and towels and bathrobes that make a stay away from home, so much more fun.
I guess it's why so many people steal them!! 

Now you don't have to. You can have as much hotel linen as you like, for your own home.

Terms and Conditions

What's the catch? Give me the fine print.

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