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Why is almost everything we sell, white?


Hotels use white sheets and towels for very good reason.

Firstly, not all hotel patrons treat hotel linen with the respect it deserves. With white, you can bleach it, use a nappy wash, boil in hot water and it comes up looking new.


If you think your family are hard on your linen, imagine what some hotel towels must go through. Yet they come up looking beautiful time after time.


The other great thing about white, is when it comes time to replace some of your pieces, you will always find the perfect matching colour every time - White. (Have a look in your linen cupboard. How many colours do you see? If you had to buy matching bathmats or pillowcases now, could you find that colour again? Would you want that colour again?)


At Hotel at Home, you can replace parts of your sheet sets without having to buy a whole new set, and it will always match!

When you use white in your home, it makes a feature of your accessories and decorator items. Almost like a frame.

Colour fashions come and go, but a great set of white sheets or towels, never goes out of style, and it goes with everything.

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