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Why there is nothing like hotel sheets


Why there is NOTHING like the feeling of hotel sheets.

(And what you should know about thread count)


Commercial sheet quality is determined more by weight than any other measurement (grams per square metre or GSM) as it is the best indicator of sheet durability.


To give you an example, our Queen sized poly/cotton flat sheet weighs over a kilo. Check that against the sheets you are using now.

If you have ever bought sheets before, you will know that most stores are happy to advertise the thread count, but they don’t tell you how thick the thread is. They don't tell you if a thread (that is really two threads twisted together) is counted as one thread or two, or is part of their thread count (so is it a 600 thread count sheet or is it really just a 300 thread count sheet?). They also don't tell you if they are using the old thread count method (threads per square inch) or the new method (threads per 10cm square).


Because the threads in our sheets are sometimes up to 3 times the thickness of that used by domestic sheets, we use fewer threads. If we made the thread count any higher than we use right now, using the same thread thickness we use now, it would be like sleeping under denim. You need the fabric to breath so that it doesn’t feel too hot to sleep under.


It's the thickness of the threads that give hotel sheets, that hotel sheet feeling. This is why our sheets still feel clean and crisp, even after they have been on the bed all week. They can start out a little stiff when they are new, but like a favorite pair of jeans, our sheets just get better with age.


Why would you buy from anyone else?

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